7 Websites Commandments of 2020

What’s your business website? I want to look you up on google.

In an era when everything can be found online, having an online presence and a website is as important as having a physical location for your business.

A website gives you the platform to be found from anywhere in the world, and in times when your business can’t open physically, your website gives you the power to serve your client.

Having a good website is good, but having a great website that serves you, and your clients well are even better.

What are the key things to consider when creating a website for your business?

There are some key elements that you need to consider when creating a website. We call them website commandments you should never break.

Here are 7 Websites Commandments you should never break

  1. Thou shall be visually pleasing

We are living in a time when the world has gone visual. Smartphones, cameras,  computers, and television sets now use High Definition screens.

Your website should match up as well. The images and graphics should high quality. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

This means your pictures should and must be of good quality. Quality over quantity.

2. Thou shall have a homepage that has a clear communication

A perfect homepage explains 3 key things

-Who are you?

-What do you do?

-What benefit do you offer?

Make sure these questions are answered on the homepage

3. Thy Contact info Shall be right there

Did you know that 44% of people that visit your website will immediately leave? However, 64% of visitors are very interested in your contact information.

These, therefore, describe the importance of making your contact us page visible and easily accessible.

4. Thou shall never forget the mighty power of S.E.O

When I search for you on google, can I find you?

Although this is an invisible step, it is still as important as an appealing design. Being found and trusted by google will bring you authentic customers that are looking for the solutions you offer.

93% of online sessions begin with a search engine. So, it is very necessary to ensure people can easily find you through a search on google. Your search optimization MUST be A1.

5. Thou must have a captivating “About Us “page

Tell us more about you…

This is a golden chance to sell your story. It should, therefore, be appealing, compelling, personal and obviously up to date.

Whether your business is a one-man show or you have a hundred employees, do not assume no one wants to know about them. Talk about them.

Well not necessarily one by one, otherwise your website will look like a register. Just write something about you, the solutions you can offer them and your team. Make them have a feel of who you are.

6. Thou MUST make your CTAs as loud as possible

How loud should my call to action be?


Your call to action should be as loud and as clear as they possibly can. A simple call now, contact us, shop now, subscribe now, buy now or even leave a comment goes a long way when it comes to the visitor to client conversion.

Clients want your direction on your website.

7. Thou shall ensure your website is fast and responsive.

How? Let’s talk about website responsiveness.

When creating a website, you definitely have the end-user at the back of your mind. Your website, therefore, must respond to the size of the user’s screen by actively serving page content in a way that makes the browsing experience practical and intuitive.

For you to have a website that obeys all the above commandments, you need a professional team.

We, yellow pages Kenya, is the team you need for your website. We create websites for both SMEs and even corporate organizations.

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