The Benefits Of Social Media Ads!

Article originally by Larissa de Martino

Follow me on Instagram “and “What’s your name on Facebook “are two phrases that are increasingly part of our daily lives. In fact, these days, we need to confirm that people exist on these social platforms before we form deeper ties with someone.

The same is true in the business world. It is increasingly common for potential customers to “investigate” the companies’ social networks before taking any action. If the company is not active on social networks, the lack of information is so frustrating that we question the seriousness and even the existence of a brand.

Currently, the consumption process is completely impacted by digital. Even if the purchase is made in the physical store, the pre-purchase process and feedback are done through social platforms.

So far nothing new! We all know that companies need to have a regular presence on social networks. And why not take advantage of that presence to bring the business closer to users? It is essential to transform these users into consumers.

Most of the time, Facebook and Instagram users want to be on the social network just to be distracted, that is, they do not want to have an active participation on a company page, but only to see the news that appears in their news feed.

Your business page may appear – or not! – Your business publications may appear – or not! – And the user can even follow your company on Facebook – or not. And this is where the use of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads becomes so important! When your page is shown to a user who has never heard of your company and doesn’t even know its services, the question arises: “How did Facebook guess that I needed this?”

Let’s talk about Facebook and Instagram Ads

I have a secret to share with you: at Yellow Pages we are great diviners! And so that you don’t waste another day of this business opportunity, I will share with you five reasons to bet on Facebook and Instagram ads:


The data from the latest Facebook report is clear: 2.26 billion people use this social network. All your customers are on Facebook, but not everyone knows your business! 😉

2.      THE POWER OF divination or segmentation?

The Facebook ad platform allows you to target your audience not only through the demographic profile, but also according to social media preferences and consumption habits, so it is easier to be able to target ads to people who have a profile suited to your type of business.


Ads can have different formats and different goals. If your goal is to have more visits to your company’s website, then the campaign should aim to increase traffic; if your goal is to have more followers, then your campaign should be to get more “likes”. It all depends on the goal you set! The format of the ads is also very comprehensive: you can have video ads, animated gifs, images, image carousels, and many other formats!


The platform allows great interaction with the customer. There is the possibility to carry out campaigns to generate a conversation with your potential customer (via Messenger or WhatsApp), that is, your company can give a quick response to the customer and answer all your questions. This quick response will certainly leave a good image of your brand and may even speed up the sales process.


Compared to traditional media, the Facebook and Instagram ad platform is much cheaper and, at the same time, allows you to communicate with your audience in a more assertive way. Regardless of the size of your business, you can and should be present and advertising on these social networks.

Still, have doubts about the benefits that a Facebook ad campaign can bring to your company? Reach out to us. We will tell you more. Also, read

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