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Generation Y, which like advertising

drew- February 1, 2016 1

People called generation Y (born between 1980 to 2000), it has a very behavior based on immediacy.Most of these people have are the consumer and ... Read More

5 ways to navigate change in business today

drew- January 18, 2016 0

“We have this big myth in the technology industry that we like to impose on everybody — disruption is going to happen and it’s going ... Read More

SGR must tackle Mombasa Road traffic chaos better

drew- January 14, 2016 0

The standard gauge railway (SGR) is Kenya’s single-largest infrastructure investment since the British built the old Kenya-Uganda railway in the 1900s. More importantly, it is ... Read More

5 African Consumer Trends for 2016

drew- January 13, 2016 0

DIVASUMERS, FEMCENTRICITY, COMMON SENSE PRICING & BENEVOLENT BRIBERY: 5 AFRICAN CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2016 Despite slowing growth brands remained strong and new business opportunities were ... Read More

Why businesses should pay attention to new commercial laws

drew- January 12, 2016 0

Kenya has undergone major legislative changes in the past 10 years. New laws geared towards making the country the region’s trading hub have been enacted ... Read More