3 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Invitations Get Ignored

For a while now there has been some debate over how to use LinkedIn. Some suggest connecting with only people you know and work with, while others encourage inviting people to your network. The same way you would with Twitter, in other words, adding anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if I am delivering a key-note, conducting a workshop or presenting a webinar, a question that seems to always be asked is: “When building my LinkedIn network, is quality better than quantity?” But first lets look at some LinkedIn facts that show the quantity piece. Some cool Linkedin facts. The LinkedIn facts The global web produces some big numbers and the Linkedin facts are hard to ignore. Here is a snapshot of an infographic created by Linkedprofilewriter.org, that reveals some of those Linkedin stats. Over 300 million people are on LinkedIn.  In fact at the time of publishing this post there…