Failing to do your homework will cost you in sales

Buyers today are more aware than ever before; they know what they want and they know they can get the information, products and services they need at the click of a button.

Sales professionals are transitioning into informed business consultants who can add value through their expertise, insights and knowledge of a client’s needs.

Whilst buyers are, on the whole, open to trying new brands and products, it’s down to sales professionals to make the right approach to even have a chance of getting those deals over the line. Here are top tips for getting it right in today’s competitive sales landscape:

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing your homework

Buyers know what they want, and any salesperson approaching them needs to know too. 79% of decision makers we surveyed said they wouldn’t bother engaging with a salesperson who hadn’t put in the necessary legwork before approaching them; 89% were more likely to buy from someone with a clear understanding of their role and 88% with a salesperson sharing relevant content. An informed approach isn’t a nice to have, it’s a simple necessity that should sit at the heart of any sales journey.

  1. Start by building trusted relationships

We all know that trust is important, in fact it’s right at the core of our mission to modernize the sales profession. The best relationships are founded upon trust, which takes many years to build, but can fall apart in minutes.

  1. Embrace the evolution of sales technology

Today’s top salespeople are favoring new technologies from collaboration tools to sales intelligence and networking platforms.

The sales landscape is evolving and put simply, those who don’t spend time to understand their prospects or use technology to power this insight and their approach, will get left behind.

Do not approach sales like it’s 1990.

Original article by Liam Halpin

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