Manufacturers in Kenya

Listed below are the top manufacturers in Kenya.

The manufacturing industry in Kenya is the most developed in east and central Africa. It is a key sector in Kenya’s economic development, in both its contribution to national output and exports and for job creation.

Some of the most developed industries include agro-processing, garments, the assembly of automotive components and electronics, plastics, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, and engineering products for domestic and export markets. The communication industry and financial industries are two industries that have stirred this growth.

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Being a long time business partner of the manufacturing industry here in Kenya, we have seen the sector grow and project that it will even grow more by 2030.

The Kenyan manufacturers also form the bulk of the Nairobi stock exchange

categories of manufacturers in Kenya

The following are the categories of the industries;

  1. Textile and apparel manufacturing
  2. Food and beverage
  3. Paper and board manufacturing
  4. Automotive sector
  5. Metal and allied
  6. Pharmaceuticals medical equipment sector
  7. Leather products and footwear manufacturing
  8. Timber, wood and furniture sector
  9. Energy and electrical and electronics manufacturing
  10. Chemical and allied sector
  11. Plastic and rubber manufacturing
  12. Building, construction and mining.

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