Social Media for Small Businesses

The importance of social media for small businesses.

Is social media necessary for your business?

Are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn necessary for your business?

Social media has revolutionized the way people do business, faster than the telephone did.

Smart businesses have adapted fast to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get more business and clients. But is it necessary for your business??

Who benefits from social media?

Some businesses in Nairobi like fashion stores, furniture stores, dentist clinics get over 70% of their clients from the internet. To them, social media is very necessary.

1. Businesses with a social media plan

They have a basic understanding of the internet a put social media as part of their marketing, sales and communication channels. They plan to talk and respond to their clients online as well as they would do in person.

2. Businesses that need advertising

Compared to older media channels, social media is dramatically cheaper. The targeting also is more advanced since technology has grown.

3. Businesses that have a large number of clients

These are the b2c (business to customers) that want to take the extra step and engage with their customers online.

4. New businesses that need clients

If you need new clients, then they probably need your services and are searching for you online. Being on social media makes you visible to them.

5. Ecommerce sites

If you want to sell products and services online, social media is obviously your first step of lead generation.

How can you get started with social media in 2020

Where, when and how will you start social media in 2020??

  • Pick one or two platforms to start A lot of businesses fail at social media by attacking all the platforms at once. At yellow pages, we recommend taking one or two social media platforms an investing time and resources to them.
  • Content strategy What will you be sharing with your audience??

A lot of brands fail because of haphazardly post content.

Statistics, have shown that a lot of customers will check you out on social media first before they proceed to your websites.

  • Sharing Value-Oriented Content Your followers follow you because you give them value, which you can deliver at all times by sharing quality content. They will keep coming back to you.
  •  Being Consistent –having consistent content on social media is social proof that your business is credible and still operating.
  •  Responding to Queries – when a client or a lead has a query, respond the fastest you can. Internet business happens fast and transparent. The clients don’t want to feel ignored.
  • Show the Human Side – customers want brands that are understanding on social media. Being involved in social events and cultures like sharing memes can gain you more customers.

A lot of businesses try to present themselves as big corporations, which is a mistake. People need people, not auto bots.

This is why you need to connect with your followers on a more personal level and engage in real conversations. Even if it’s just for the sake of interacting.

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