3 Habits You Need to Crush to Be Successful

There are habits that make us successful and there are habits that sabotage our success.

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When the success we want remains out of reach, it’s natural human nature to want toblame something.

The opportunity wasn’t right.

The timing was bad.

Someone or something got in the way.

It was an unlucky day.

More often than not, though, we hinder our own success. That statement is not meant to be victim-blaming or judgmental, but a simple statement that you can improve the odds of your success by looking at your own actions and asking yourself whether they undermine you or give you confidence.

Here are the three particularly bad habits that others aren’t even able to see, that will hinder or even prevent your success if left unchecked.

1. Not believing in yourself. Every successful person–man, woman, or child–is a big dreamer. They’re constantly imagining what their future may be, and they work hard toward a vision or goal or purpose that’s connected to that future. But if you don’t believe in yourself, you are simply unable to chart your future–that’s an act that requires self-affirmation and belief in ourselves in the present. You simply cannot be ready for tomorrow with low self -esteem and a lack of confidence in the present. Success isn’t the end result; it’s found in the moment-to-moment shifts in the direction of your vision that happen when you believe in yourself. You can chart your future clearly and wisely only when you know yourself, accept yourself, and believe in yourself.

2. Not following through. Talk is cheap, as they say. It’s easy to say you will do something; following through is the crucial step. If you fail to follow through for any reason, however valid, you are likely to hinder and even sabotage your success. Character is made in small moments of your life, moments in which you keep your promises and hold yourself responsible. Failure to complete the commitments you’ve made will, over time, affect your character. It will also set you up for judgment by others and even shaming.

3. Not being honest with yourself. If you want to be a successful person, you have to be honest with yourself–a process that’s most frequently carried out on several levels. You have to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. People grow through their talents, skills and experience only if they can meet life honestly. This is where character is built and success is cultivated. There are many principles and beliefs we can have, but the one that is most prized is honesty–with oneself, to give us a foundation on which to build an adult character and success. Remember, character is much easier kept than recovered. You must be the person, who always does what is right–first by ourselves and then for others. Honesty and character are absolutely essential for success in any area of life.

Bottom line: Success comes to those who are believe in themselves, following through and who are honest with themselves.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. its a great read. How we work so hard to be successful and one wrong move can cost you all the hard work put in. still ironic for me.

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