5 Qualities that Top Sales Teams have in Common

1. High Rated Sales Quality

Top performing sales teams purpose to rate themselves way higher than underperforming ones.

Twice as many salespeople and sales leaders at high-performing sales organizations rate their

organization as excellent as compared to those working in average and underperforming

organizations. They are proud of their brand and walk shoulder high in confidence of their

organization. They also take much pride in the quality of their sales.

2. Employment of a well structured sales process

A good sales process is a tool in the success of any sales organization. The sales process is a

guide in what to do, when, where and even how. To performing sales organizations have sales

processes that are flexible, closely monitored, strictly enforced, encourage accountability and

even automated. Yellow Pages Kenya prides itself in a clear well documented sales process

and a good support tool known as Sales Force that not only ensures accountability but

performance monitoring.

3. High-performing sales organizations hold their team members to a higher level of


High levels of accountability ensure everyone in the team plays their part and also support each

other. Accountability builds a sense of responsibility. Everybody is eager to do what they have

to do so that they do not fail others. The team members also look out for each other and help

out with the sales process.

4. High-performing sales organizations are not afraid to aggressively raise year-over-year

annual targets.

Raising sales targets to even heights beyond the expectation is a quality of top sales people.

They are not afraid to dream large and set high targets because they have the confidence that

they will achieve these targets.

5. High-performing sales organizations are quicker to terminate underperforming


Sales is a game of numbers and at Yellow Pages Kenya we are keen to ensure we deliver our

targets. This requires support and provision of the required resources. Constant reviews help to

weed out non performers and the best are left to focus on the improvement of productivity.



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