7 Ways to Capture Someone’s Attention

You might be the hardest worker in your organization, and the one everyone wants on their team – but if you’re not in people’s thoughts, then you’ll be passed up for new projects, additional responsibilities, awards, and promotions.

That’s why you need to be visible at work! People can often overlook your efforts, even if you consistently work hard. If this happens to you, it’s up to you to get noticed and stay in their thoughts, so you can keep moving toward your career goals.

Become a specialist in areas that are important to your organization. Build a network of allies, network inside and outside of work, track your accomplishments, and take on additional responsibilities whenever possible.


The most effective employees, managers, and executives are the ones who use  triggers to shine a spotlight on their ideas, projects, and teams. Understanding the science of attention is a prerequisite to success in the information age.


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Courtesy of Harvard Business school

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  1. the term ‘prerequisite’ reminds me of school woi! on other news, after reading this article I agree, however I feel that there needs to be a balance in according the deserved acknowledgment to people who are not necessarily in the top pyramid of the organization chart. A supervisor should ensure to share the credit, just in case the junior does not have the platform to claim the victory.

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