Conceptualizing The ‘Wow’ Effect in Business


Suffice to state that the business environment is dynamic. Customers are no longer interested solely on a product or service but also the customer relationship offered by a company. Some business experts claim that customers no longer buy the product but the personality of the company. The mentioned personality can be articulated through the lenses of the concept termed as the WOW effect.

The WOW effect is attained by precisely surpassing the customer’s expectation with regards to a given service. They are not just satisfied with your services or the product but they are impressed and most likely feel motivated to share their positive experiences with their friends and family.To avoid extinction, a company needs to design strategies that will hook its customers. It definitely needs to find something that will make it stand out from the rest, something that will make its customer say WOW.

The WOW factor is very essential to an emerging business; that it needs to be incorporated into the customer relationship and marketing plans. An amazing experience makes customers very loyal to the business. In addition to their loyalty, such customers tend to spread positive feedback about the company’s products or services. As a result, more potential customers are recruited. Another positive effect of the WOW factor is that negative comments about the company are reduced and annihilated by customers who have experienced the WOW factor. In essence customers who have been made to say WOW should be viewed as an efficient and effective tool in the public relations strategy of the company. This should reduce the expenses incurred in marketing and public relations.

To give customers a wowing experience, companies should strive to understand the needs of the specific customers. For a fact, not all customers share the same perception of what is to surpass their expectation. In this light, companies need to develop a list of their customer’s expectations. After understanding what customers expect from the company, the staff should design ways to make the experience nostalgic. Ways that will surpass the customers’ expectations and turn them into brand ambassadors.

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