Facebook Ad Clicks and zero Conversions

Written by Jimmy Ombom

I know that every marketer’s goal in Facebook is to get leads from the hundreds of ads running at that site. Yes, it is a great idea to have ads running on Facebook because of the billions of users who use it.

Its however sucks to just getting people clicking or liking on the ads with zero conversion. Right?

There could be many reason why this happens.

Let’s look at how we can avoid this.


Reasons why your Ads Do not Work

A Bad Product

You are selling a product that no one is interested in. Or you are selling it the wrong way.

No matter how much you invest in ads, if no one wants to buy it. It will not sell.

I keep mentioning that not everyone in social media is interested to buy. Most of the guts are just looking out to catch up with old friends and see what they are currently up to.

Poor Branding

Have you ever seen this great thing you want to buy but you are hesitant because you do not trust the seller? That happens everyday, in social media.

Online shopping relies so much on branding. People love to buy from brands that look reputable. Invest in a well designed website and landing pages and step out of the chaff by hiring a social media branding agencies.

If your ads show a sloppy brand, why should anyone in their right mind engage with them?


Broken Websites

The call to action of the Facebook Ads should send your viewers to a landing page designed to convert your leads. As mentioned above, your site needs to be professional enough to attract your viewers.

The call to action should communicate exactly what you want your viewers to do. Lack of proper communication leaves the viewers confused,  not knowing what they should do.


What should you do to convert leads?

1.   Create visuals ads

Images and videos tend to convert well. Social media users favor such content. This can be seen by the recent Facebook algorithm that continues to favor more visual content in their timeline.

2. Start with the ‘why’

It is a great way to tell your audience why you do what you do on social media. This way you will be able to build a relationship with your clients.

3. Awesome landing page

Lead your prospects to a page that is designed to collect your audience information.

Here is an example of a landing page that is designed to collect leads for content marketing.



The landing page should only target one niche. Do not put many product on a landing page. This distracts the visitor, as many choices could lead to zero conversion.

4. Target your Audience

Send your ads to only people who are interested in your product. Do not be cowed to target a large audience to save the cost of Facebook ads. The larger the audience the narrower the target.

Be specific in the interest of the users and go for as lean audience as possible.

All in all, social media platforms such as facebook favor the use of visual ads that are targeted to a specific audience. If you need to cover a large audience, it is advisable to run several ads that are targeted to different products that you offer. Don’t just get clicks and likes, convert leads!

About the Author

Jimmy Ombom is a webmaster and design mania at  GetSales . Very passionate in online marketing and product development. When he is not writing, you can find him reading everyday changes in marketing.















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