Generation Y, which like advertising

People called generation Y (born between 1980 to 2000), it has a very behavior based on immediacy.Most of these people have are the consumer and the working population.

The study called the Millennial Band Advocates, Social Chorus makes an interesting analysis of how this shows the world population deals with brands and marketing companies. The conclusion is that Generation Y does not believe in advertising.

Generation Y is a lover of social networks where they appear with a major expressiveness. This inclination for what is immediate and with just one click, makes the marketing department of any company that wants to reach this audience understand some aspects that are specific to this generation.

Usually longer believe in experiences that your friends have with certain brands to the detriment of advertising messages. The positive or negative image of that audience with certain brands depends on the experiences in respect of them. For a company to be in the spotlight this audience, you must first be the subject of the conversations they have with their friends. Today the issues come mostly from social networks.

But then, how to reach this audience does not believe in advertising?


  1. Be there where Generation Y

If this generation is in most social networks, are these digital platforms that company whose target audience Generation Y should be and lead content that interests the public.

  1. Be brief and objective in your posts

Generation Y has no time or patience to read long messages and elaborate on their products so be assertive. They want everything yesterday.



3 –  Use effective tools

Because they are a generation that appreciates timely messages, invest in various digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. You will find several ways to get your message across and get the results you want. Invest in not too long videos, posts with attractive images and selected and well targeted content.


4 – Let them always room for opine

This generation has an aversion to things that pull you the freedom of expression and especially navigation. So it always leaves room for comments and invistas in quick programs.


Although the Y generation does not like publicity, there is always a way to get to them. Use the subtlety and objectivity, so you always have feedback. Probably will not stay in front of the television to watch the commercials, but you can get your message through numerous tools that maximize time and minimize cost.


By Cheila Delgado


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