How to fall back in love with your Job



It’s important to love our jobs because at least half of our hours awake are spent at work. It will be very difficult to invest in our careers and be truly great if we’re not into what we do, one would not seek extra training, certification, seminars and so forth. It’s hard to imagine spending extra time outside work investing in something that one doesn’t like.


That said, even exciting jobs have boring days. When you’re doing the same tasks, going to the same office and working with the same people day in and day out, you’re bound to fall in a rut on occasions.

We can get out of this rut by taking tasks that makes us feel motivated and absorbed, taking up projects to give us exposure of tasks and departments outside our normal role. Surrounding ourselves with energetic people in the office and within the professional networking groups, taking time to mentor and be mentored and celebrating each other’s accomplishments.


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courtesy of Harvard Business school


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