Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

Drucker challenged us to manage ourselves by using the following challenging questions:

What are my strengths?

  • The only way to discover your strengths is through feedback analysis
  • Write down key decision or actions & compare the actual results with your expectations after a certain period of time

How do I perform?

Identify your personality traits are key eg are you a team worker or loner, are you a decision maker or an adviser,

What are my values?

Person’s values should be compatible with the organizations’ values

Where do I belong?

  • Consider your strengths, preferred work style & values
  • Based on these qualities in what kind of work environment would you fit in best?
  • Find the perfect fit, you will transform yourself from a merely an acceptable employee into a star performer.

What should my contribution be?

  • What does the situation require of me?
  • Given my strengths, my way of performing & values how can I make the greatest
  • Contribution to what needs to be done
  • What results have to be achieved to make a difference?

Key highlights by Peter Drucker

  • Don’t try to change yourself but concentrate on improving the skills
  • Accept assignments that are tailored for your work
  • With every opportunity comes responsibility
  • Every employee should carve out their place to keep themselves engaged & productive
  • Take advantage of the opportunities offered by your organization eg reward systems, sales force etc
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself
  • Team work, Learning, Values can make the great contribution
  • Operate from strengths to achieve true excellence

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