One Thing Top Performing Sales Reps Understand… That YOU Don’t

One Thing Top Performing Sales Reps Understand… That YOU Don’t

In my sales career I’ve always analyzed everything that happens on the sales floor.  The one common denominator that I always find, as it relates to top sales reps, is that they are always in conversation.  When I was new to sales I would always try to figure out how the top reps were constantly in conversation.   I never saw them prospecting or begging for business like everyone else.  What were they doing that everyone else wasn’t?

Conversations Light Up Revenue

Top performing reps always find a way to be in a conversation.  I’m not talking about a “sales” conversation…  I’m just talking about conversation.  See, top sales reps understand the value of not talking about their product all the time because that is not their job.  Top performing sales are tightly focused on adding value at all levels,  and the “sales” conversation happens strategically only when there is a business problem to solve, and the timing is right.  The other conversations are built to strengthen the relationship, often before the buyer even knows they have the business problem.

Taking Advantage Of All Channels

You hear the argument about social selling vs traditional selling all the time in today’s thought leadership.  Top reps don’t think social or traditional when it comes to conversation.  They know that they need to be hitting all channels at all times to create more conversations.  Top reps will be talking on the phone, tweeting, and sending an email – all at one time. They leverage tools and technologies to their advantage for one simple reason: To find ways to add value in multiplicity because they understand that this leads to more conversations.

They Think Conversation Not Sale

Top sales reps are tightly focused on value before ask.  You don’t see top sales reps not taking calls because someone reached out to them with a question but wasn’t a target buyer.  They will add value in every way they can because they know that leads to a conversation.  They don’t think about title, company, or “What’s in it for me?”  They think about the opportunity for another conversation as another way to add value and create more energy.

Right Conversation Leads To Revenue

Top sales reps don’t think about the outcome of revenue when they have a conversation.  They think about the conversation as a natural way to help the customer to a buying decision whether that is talking about the product or not.  Top sales reps are programmed to know that if they have conversations and add enough value on all levels … the revenue will follow over time.

 Conversations Drive Organic Referrals

Top sales reps understand that conversations drive organic referrals.  It’s in their nature to reach out to their current customers out of the blue just to have a conversation.  They understand that reaching out to other sales reps and having a conversation adds value.

In Conclusion

The world of sales has gotten very competitive for most industries.  There are more niches, more companies, and more sales reps than ever before.  Your sales manager is giving you KPIs like dials, emails, or whatever FUGAZZI they have come up with that they expect from you.  I say… forget about all of that.  If you want to be the top sales rep then you need to be focused on one thing and one thing only… More CONVERSATIONS! Set your own  KPI, and consumer yourself with it.

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