Why you should choose Yellow Pages Kenya

If you are looking for brand visibility look no further. Yellow Pages Kenya is able to deliver great

platforms that offer the opportunity to inform the market about your products and services.

Here’s why:

 We are credible, the two fingers are internationally recognized

 We are reliable always on 24/7, 365 days a year.

 Our Print directories circulation is great 167,000 annual copies

 Our classifications cater for all business categories

 Our pricing is very competitive.

 Our print products have a shelf life of 12 months

 We have all Kenyan businesses covered, our National reach is evident

 We have great partnerships e.g. with Google Kenya

 Our online platform has refreshed content

 We have localized searches

 Our Keyword options are unique and affordable

 Our listings are well detailed with full company information

 We have a great APP, move with us everywhere




  1. Yellow Pages is very convenient, no need to purchase the Print directory, the APP is downloadable for free I mean I get get access to businesses hustle free. The website is user friendly, i can search by category. Those are just but some of the reason I chose Yellow Pages any day!

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