Micro-Influencers: The Shift from Celebrity Endorsement to Authentic Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when influencer marketing primarily focused on celebrities and popular influencers who had immersed a large following on social media spaces. With the ever-growing digital space and content marketing taking a different shape, influencer marketing seems to have morphed into a new form. As the industry experiences this major shift, digital marketers and agencies are now forced to change tact- leveraging more on authenticity. Why? Because people tend to focus more on someone who creates content around what they are selling – micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers may not have millions of followers, but their audience is highly engaged and extremely loyal, as compared to celebrities – who, despite their large following, partnering with them might translate to zero engagement due to their lack of authority within a specific field.

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For instance, it would benefit a clothing line to partner with a reputable fashion micro-influencer who gives styling tips and skincare routines to a loyal fan base. Despite their small following, those followers trust them and are always on the lookout for products to help them achieve their goals.

Similarly, a store selling kitchen wares could opt for the services of an authoritative food blogger who appeals more to a particular followership of food lovers to promote their brand. By doing so, the micro-influencer will not only drive conversation around food blogging but incorporate the products into the content as well.

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The appliances will pass to the audience as more functional because they will appear genuine and friend-like advice coming from an authority perceived as relatable and trustworthy than messages from celebrity-sponsored endorsements.

So, as a company, do you want to get more value?

Create a personal touch with a targeted market for that high engagement. High engagement rates equal more interactions in terms of likes, comments, and even shares, which influences purchasing decisions.

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