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10 Motivational Quotes to Fuel Sales Success

Original Article By Matt Hallett Mindset is everything when it comes to sales success. Our thoughts influence our beliefs. Beliefs influence our actions. Our actions impact our sales results. To help your sales team develop the right mindset, here are some principles on sales excellence… 1. To Open the Door to Opportunity…Don’t Sell Products. Sell the Problems You Solve. It’s not about the product. It’s all about the pain that your product can solve. Connect with your prospects by sharing stories about how you helped similar companies overcome their challenges, issues, and business problems. 2. What Sets the Best Salespeople Apart Is Not What They Sell…But Rather the Value They Create Through Delivering Insight. Top salespeople offer unique perspectives and educate their prospects on key business issues. They challenge their prospects’ assumptions. They create value by sharing ideas on how their prospects can increase revenue, reduce costs, or mitigate risk.…

How to Increase Sales in 8 Seconds

Article by Jill Let me ask you a question: What’s the one thing you can do in the next 12 months that will dramatically impact sales? I mean, if you really thought about it, what’s causing you the most trouble in your sales efforts? Don’t worry. I can wait for you to come up with an answer. Questions like that make you think. Any time you ask your own prospects to reflect on their issues, challenges, and priorities, it takes a while for them to formulate the answer. But if you’re like most sellers, silence drives you crazy. Imagine you’re talking with a prospective customer and there’s a brief lull in the conversation. I bet you jump right in to fill it. Am I right? A Whopper of a Sales Mistake Research shows that the average salesperson, after asking a question, waits no more than 2 to 3 seconds before…