BitHub Africa launches to be Kenya’s biggest Blockchain incubator

Nairobi-based web development agency  Space Kenya Networks Limited has today announced the launch of its  Blockchain incubator BitHub to be the countrys home of startups doing blockchain technology and solutions across Africa.

Space Kenya Networks, says BitHub‘s “focus will be solving problems using innovative blockchain solutions that are currently under development across the World. We believe that blockchain solutions will make substantial contributions to rethinking existing structures in the following political, social and economic sectors.”

The firm aims to work with Bitcoin-powered startups running data Management and Storage services, legal and Governance services, Identity Management, Financial Services, Internet of Things, Biotechnology, Software Security and Cultural & Intellectual property protection tools among others.

“BitHub seeks to bring together a consortium of individuals, organizations and expertise to drive the development and adoption of blockchain technologies especially within the African continent,” the firm writes on its site.

Though this is a good move for local and international Blockchain startups set to be based at the Nairobi-based co-working space, the government is not doing any favours to bitcoin firms in the country. Recently, Safaricom asked Lipisha to withdraw its working partnership with BitPesa, and days later the CS ICT sold his stake in the company. Kipochi, an early similar startup closed shop in Kenya after Safaricom stopped Kopo Kopo from working with it claiming it was against Vodafone PLC’s regulations.

However, BitPesa’s advantages are its working partnerships with other telcos such as MTN and Airtel across major markets in Africa.

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