Why Isn’t My Website Making Sales? This Remains to be a frustrating issue in the minds of many businesses and companies.
In an era where the internet is the order of the day, companies are highly dependent on it as a profit-generating avenue. Therefore, they create websites meant for their business. The website is mostly used as a tool for communicating what your business is about.
Pursuing your client into believing that your company/business is above all other businesses. That your website visitors should buy products and services provided by company A and not B or C.
So, your website is doing well. The traffic is sufficient but the sales are something worth worrying about. Why is this happening? In most cases, the amount of web traffic you get on your website should be equivalent to the number of sales you make.
The fact that you are scrolling through this article means that you are in seek of some answers.
Well, this article will give you some if not all the answers you are looking for.
However, first, let’s learn a few things…

Online Users– Someone that accesses the internet from any device.
Website Traffic– users who visit a website. This is measured in visits, also called sessions.
Whether your company has e-commerce or any other type of website, your end goal must and should be conversion.

If your website is not giving back as you would like it to hence you keep asking yourself “Why Isn’t My Website Making Sales” these might be the reasons why.

  1. Ease of Navigation
    Is your website easy to navigate? Are your website components clear? Can the visitor/user find what they came for with ease? Is everything where it is supposed to be?
    If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are good to go.
  2. Where do you land your customers?
    Quick question, how well structured are your social media platforms? You are getting good traffic right?
    This means that you have definitely succeeded with your Facebook ads and postings. Whatever you did to drive these users to your website.
    Always land your customers on a page that meets their expectations. For instance, say you have an e-commerce website and your main product is Mother’s day coffee mugs. Does your landing page coincide with your marketing campaigns?
    Note: If you land your customers on a page which doesn’t fit your marketing campaigns, consider directing them to a different page.
  3. Is Your Website Attractive?
    Did you know the user’s decision on whether to or not to spend more time on a website is highly dependent on how the website looks?
    What do your users see while on your website? Do they see a space cluttered with information or a well arranges space with minimal clutter?
    Well, this sounds ridiculous but believe it or not, this might be the reason you are not making sales.
    Your website is so unattractive, cluttered, and overwhelming that it can’t go past the home page.
    Think about it for a minute. If your web visitor did not make it to your products and services page, how then would you make any sale?
    Ensure your website is beautiful to look at with everything where it is supposed to be.
  4. How are your products and service descriptions?
    Have you personalized the descriptions of your products and services to fit your target audience in terms of language/jargon or is it just a copy-paste from other providers?
    Do not just use specifications for a description. Instead, treat the page as a sales pitch. Tell the users not only why to get it from you but also of what benefits the product or service will be to them.

Why Isn’t My Website Making Sales? The next time you find yourself asking yourself this question, please refer to this article and ask yourself any of these questions.
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