Why the President Uhuru Kenyatta Sealed Nairobi in Such Short Notice

The President, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta on 6th April called for a press briefing in order to brief the nation as to where we stand so far as the global pandemic is concerned. As of yesterday, the number of positive cases was at 158 people with 4 fatalities and 4 recoveries so far.

“There is a choice we were asked to make as Government and as a people: to carry on as normal or to treat this like the extraordinary emergency it is and to fundamentally change how we act. We chose the latter because even as we pray for the best, we must be ready for the worst”. He said

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s slamming of a don’t-enter-or-leave Nairobi and its metropolitan areas order on Monday was meant to protect Kenyans especially the elderly living in rural areas from being infected with the coronavirus by relatives trooping in from the city during the Easter holiday.

“This disease affects the old people more than the young hence we have to protect our grandparents from this disease and the only way out is to stop movement this festive season,” Uhuru explained.

According to him, there is dire need to protect the seniors in the society for they are more prone to get infected as seen in countries especially in Europe and more specifically Italy.

21 Day Seal For Nairobi.

The “Do not enter or leave Nairobi” directive, therefore, stands for the next 21 days as earlier ordered.

The movement will also be halted in and out of Mombasa, Kenya’s second-largest city, as well as Kilifi and Kwale counties on Kenya’s Indian Ocean, coast starting Wednesday. Movement of food supplies and cargo will continue as normal, Kenyatta said.

He also mentioned that the idea of a total lockdown was out of the question for now since the majority of Kenyans depend on daily activities to earn their livelihoods.

From Yellow Pages, we urge you to practice precaution. If you can stay indoors and work from home, stay indoors. If you have to go out, please have a mask, maintain social distance and have hand sanitizers. For more tips on how to take care of our self in this time read this article https://bit.ly/2xWTIvS

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