Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day During Lockdown


Set for Sunday 10th May, Mother’s day is just around the corner and well, unfortunately, this will not be business as usual. We won’t be able to take her out for a shopping spree, or ice cream, we cannot make SGR trips to the beautiful Diani. You must be wondering, what are the best Ideas To Celebrate Mother’s Day During Lockdown.

Worst off, imagine we probably can’t even pay them a simple visit. OH WELL, THIS PANDEMIC THOUGH!!! This, however, does not mean the day will be in vain. There are a number of things you can do for mom amidst the pandemic.

  1. A simple phone call or text

Let’s go the traditional way. Let’s be honest, where really would we be without our moms? You wouldn’t want to imagine right? Well me neither.

On this day, how about you make a simple phone call or send a text to mom? Show her recognition. Remind her how much you love and appreciate her.

  • Do you have some cash to spare?

If you have a little cash to spare, you can;

  • Log into

Order mom the best meals, get the best gifts for her, or even learn some of the best recipes and surprise her with a home-cooked meal she has never tried before.

  • Jumia fundamentals

Order Jumia’s fundamental box for mommy. The pack comprises of a number of essentials including groceries, and the COVID 19 safety starter pack i.e. gloves, face mask, and even sanitizer. I know what you are thinking, “but this is not even an ideal gift” but trust me nothing screams louder than a practical gift.

  • House of leather

It is no news that house of leather has been known for serving nothing short of quality and affordability. Whether you are looking for beautiful “I love you mom mugs”, pretty key holders, doormats, kitchen wares, or a lovely wall clock, just log in to their website, browse through for a gift, and plan a delivery.

  • Posh Florists

Flowers. Yes, I Said it. Get her flowers

This pandemic has without a doubt dented different sectors of the economy. Floriculture is no exception.

Support Kenyan florists by purchasing a bouquet for mum. Whether Lilies, Roses, and or Chrysanthemums, Posh florists have them all. You can top it up with a bottle of wine and or candy.

Purchase and plan a delivery.

  • No Cash

Well as much as moms really love receiving gifts from their children so that they get to brag about them to their friends all day, do not be so pressured. Cook her favorite meal, go for a walk and remind her of the funny things she used to say to you especially when angry. For instance, my mom once told me that she wishes she would have given birth to a mandazi haha…yeah and we have such a laugh when I remind her.

All in all, make her day special. This pandemic has definitely taught us that it is really so easy to lose the ones we love. We might not be here the next minute. So, cherish them and show that you do every second you get.

Whatever store you are looking for, look it up on

 Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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