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Bidco looking for farmers to grow sunflower and soya beans

East Africa’s leading cooking oil manufacture, Bidco is looking for contract farmers to grow and supply soya beans and sunflower. Bidco field officer in charge of small-scale farmers Kevin Nyangun says the company has a deficit of up to 50 per cent. This forces the company to “put the machines to sleep mode” when there is nothing to crash. Soya beans, sunflower and maize are the main raw materials in the manufacturing of liquid cooking oil. Lifestyle diseases like blood pressure are driving market craze for liquid cooking oil because it has minimal cholesterol. “The company signs an off-take contact with farmers. The contract is a commitment from the company that if they deliver the required quality, we have to pay them; pay is cash on delivery-no stories of ‘come tomorrow’,” he said. External sources The deficit is so bad that the company is importing between six and eight metric…